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Over the past 28 years our waterproof Quick-Guides have been used by public educators, private tours, and personal enthusiasts, and we are proud to be a promoter of outdoorsmanship and nature.

Let all our laminated “Quick-Guides” be your first source for wilderness identification – shop our wide selection of visual guides and fall in love with the Great Outdoors.

Local Birds Inc. brings you the best and simplest quick-guide to local birds, utilizing full-color illustrations that clearly display each species field marks, without the distracting background in the photos.  Excellent for accurately identifying birds during festivals and events, bird guide walks,  wilderness adventures, and even enjoying time in your backyard. Perfectly sized for a backpack or small pocket, these sturdy and professionally laminated guides are ready to go with you anywhere. With locally accurate vivid color illustrations and size and season descriptions, identifying birds has never been easier!

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Local Birds, Inc. offers several guides for nature lovers!


Local Rocks of Northern California Pocket-Guide 3

The Minerals and Rocks of North America – Photos and identifying details of Igneous,  Metamorphic, and Sedimentary rocks, as well as vital geological information needed to more fully appreciate the beauty of minerals and geologic structures. Excellent for educators, enthusiasts, or for the more junior members of the geologic community. It’s strong construction will ensure it endures the toughest rock excursions.

Butterfly Pocket Guide Monterey Bay AreaButterflies of local regions – Covered with illustrations of beautiful butterflies, this guide can help you garden your way into having your own wild butterfly colony! Features details of each species nectar and larval plant preference. With a vivid illustration of the caterpillar’s life cycle, these guides make a wonderful gift for any butterfly lover.

Local Animal Tracks of Northern America Pocket-GuideTracks of commonly seen animals of North America – From Shrews, to Mountain Lions, Bald Eagles, and American Bison, this guide can take you coast-to-coast on your animal-tracking treks. Scatological data and a printed ruler are included for extra identification accuracy. A lot of tracks can look very similar, so hike the with peace-of-mind that you’ll know when those tracks actually represent danger or not.