About Us

Students and adults alike enjoy learning about local birds from our Local Bird Pocket Guides.

Our laminated folding pocket guides are small enough to conveniently fit into a back pocket or jacket pocket without getting damaged. The double-sided full-color panels expand to 11″ by 26″ and identify over 200 local birds.

Since 1994, when I published the first Local Birds of the Peninsula guide, the word “LOCAL” in our name has always been key.  Local Birds, Inc./Local Pocket-Guides has benefited from the support of so many, allowing us to produce the most complete, longest-lasting, user-friendly pocket-guides to nature science. All of our products are created specifically for you.

My family and circle of friends have grown from our continuing love for the natural world, and from knowing that with your help we can make an impact locally.  You can join us in our desire to turn the outdoors into fun for everyone, by simply sharing our local products with friends.

Mike Spence – Publisher

local bird guide for adults
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We have received numerous statewide awards and recognition for our work, but this is only a reflection of collaborative efforts with many other like-minded volunteers.

2021 Best of Woodside Award
local birds - Best of Business - 2018
Local Bird Guides Award 2017
Local Birds featured in Travel Smith Magazine